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Seating and Transfer aids

Turny Low swivel seat

Turny Low vehicle swivel seat. Our brand new swivel seat allows you to choose vehicles that were previously impossible to adapt. By utilising Read More »

6-Way transfer base

6-Way Wheelchair transfer base 6-Way Base It is a versatile seat base for easy transfer to and from the wheelchair inside the vehicle. The 6-Way Read More »

Turnout BIS Ford B-Max

Turnout BIS, Ford B-Max The Turnout BIS, Ford B-Max is the world’s first complete and fully tested swivel seat solution. We proudly introduce the Read More »

Caroslide Electric Runners

Caroslide Electric Seat Runners Caroslide Caroslide is a powered seat slider that can give you that extra leg space needed when swivelling in and Read More »

Automatic Boot Opener

The Automatic Boot Opener is a pneumatic hatch opener which assists in opening and closing the rear hatch. The A-hatch converts a standard manual Read More »

Grab Handles

Grab Handles Suitable for you if you need help with accessing your vehicle. Grab handles are suitable if you need support getting out of your Read More »

Manual Side Step

Manual side steps are a convenient way to help people step in and out of a vehicle without difficulty. Features: A switch for the connection of Read More »

Electric Side Step

Side steps can be installed to help you easily access your vehicle. Electric side steps add convenience due to minimal user effort. Features: Read More »

Milford Person Lift

Whether you want to get behind the wheel or travel as a passenger, The Milford will transfer you from your wheelchair and into your car seat by Read More »

Electric Transfer Plate

Electric Tip-Up Plate The Electric Tip-Up Plate is suitable for persons that need assistance in getting from a seated position to standing or as Read More »

Manual Transfer Plate

This device helps you to make a sidewise transfer between a wheelchair and a car seat. The Tip Up plate is foldable and can be stored behind the Read More »

Turny Orbit Swivel Seat

The Turny Orbit makes getting in and out of your car easy, by bringing the entire car seat out of the vehicle for easy access. It swivels the car Read More »