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Driving Controls

Jeff Gosling Steering Ball

Jeff Gosling Quick Release Mushroom Grip Steering Ball The Jeff Gosling Quick Release Mushroom Grip steering aid is different from other steering Read More »


Sojadis Accel III Controls The Sojadis Accel III Hand Controls has two levers located on both sides of the steering wheel for low effort drive. Read More »

Kivi KO Wireless Ring

Kivi KO Wireless Ring Accelerator The new Kivi KO Wireless Control gas ring over the wheel offers totally improved technology and is easy to use Read More »

Kivi PV1009 Controls

Kivi PV1009 Transmitter The Kivi PV1009 Transmitter has an infra-red transmitter on the wheel for auxiliary controls. The transmitter also has a Read More »

Kivi LT12 Slider Control

Kivi LT12 Slider Vertical Hand Control The new Kivi LT12 Slider Vertical Hand Control enables people with disabilities to both legs and possibly Read More »

Kivi CT12 Slider Control

Kivi CT12 Slider Control Kivi CT12 Slider Control The Kivi CT12 Slider Control transfers acceleration and brake from the pedals to the wheel, and Read More »

Kivi K5 Under Ring

Kivi K5 Under Ring Accelerator Kivi K5 Under Wheel TheKivi K5 Under Wheel can be used in cars with an automatic transmission or automatic clutch Read More »

Kivi R12 Radial Throttle

Kivi R12 Radial Throttle Kivi R12 Radial throttle transfers the accelerator control from the pedal to the hand control, by making it manual, Read More »

Push Brake lever

Push Brake Lever If you have difficulty using the brake pedal in your vehicle then a Push Brake is the perfect solution for you – simply Read More »

Carospeed Menox

The Carospeed Menox moves the control of acceleration and brake from feet operated pedals to one hand operated lever. Pull the lever to Read More »

Carospeed Classic

Carospeed Classic Hand control for accelerator and brake. Carospeed Classic is a universal floor-mounted hand control that moves the accelerator Read More »

Indicator Crossover Bar

The Indicator Cross Over Bar can be attached to the original indicator stalk, which is generally found on the left side of the steering rack, Read More »

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