Turny Low vehicle swivel seat

by Elap
SKU: turny-low-vehicle-swivel-seat-For-a-Motability-Vehicle

Turny Low vehicle swivel seat.

Our brand new swivel seat allows you to choose vehicles that were previously impossible to adapt.

By utilising previously unused space in the vehicle, we have designed a product that will fit in a wider range of vehicles, provide excellent leg space and head space as well as vastly increased seating comfort.

With the Turny Low Vehicle we have made a giant leap closer to allowing you to choose a car based on your desires and not your needs.


  • Meets and exceeds current directives
  • Increased head space
  • Significantly increased leg space
  • Fits in more car models
  • Completely new design
  • Improved seating comfort
  • Optimized interior space through ability to program

The Turny Low Vehicle is a swivel seat that will allow the user to get seated outside the vehicle, before being comfortably moved to a safe position inside. Having the car seat outside of the vehicle can be very helpful when getting seated or making the transfer from a wheelchair.

The Turny Low Vehicle is the most advanced swivel seat on the market today.