TGA Ibex Mobility Scooter


TGA Ibex Mobility Scooter is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

TGA Ibex Mobility Scooter

Comfortable, well equipped, stylish and incredible value for money, the Ibex is one of the most technically advanced and user-friendly scooters on the market today. It offers great flexibility at an affordable price, meaning it is well within reach.

Whether travelling around town or exploring the country, the Ibex Mobility Scooter is a great choice. It’s strong and stable enough to handle most terrains, but slender and agile enough to negotiate tight spaces and crowded places. With a popular, classic design and modern yet recognisable style elements all maintained in this modern new-look scooter, it’s as stylish as it is practical. The Ibex also comes with a range of great user-friendly features and personalisation options that will make it an extremely popular and timeless choice.

Reliable, stylish and easy to use, every journey no matter the day will be an absolute pleasure. The Ibex covers the ground with an ease and confidence seen rarely before, so you can be sure that your journey will be a pleasant one.


Key Features

  • Slender wheelbase
  • Modern styling
  • Leading manufacturer
  • USB charging port

TGA Ibex Mobility Scooter  is available to purchase VAT free, or why not use your disability allowance to lease it on the Motability Scooter and Powered Wheelchair scheme?