Sussex Power Lift Recliner Chair

SKU: sussex-power-lift-recliner-chair-French-Grey

Dual Motor Tilt in Space

The Sussex dual motor Lift Chair operates the backrest and footrest separately, using a dual motor design. The tilt-in-space enables higher leg elevation (ankles above hips) for improved circulation. When the tilt is in operation there is no friction or shear as the seat to angle remains constant.

LED Control System
Simple, Easy to use LED control system comes as standard with all Hudson range lift chairs.
Pride teamed up with a UK Manufacturer to bring you a range of highly adaptable chairs, with that classic unmistakable British quality.
Hudson Swatches
The Hudson Range is available in a various range of optional swatches
Weight Capacity 20 Stone (127 kg)
Overall Width 83.82 cm (33")
Standard Controls Simple, back lit controller
Seat Height
Seat Depth 50.8 cm (20')
Seat Width 50.8 cm (20')
Overall Depth 96.52 cm (38")