Smartlifter LM Mini Boot Hoist

SKU: smartlifter-lm-mini-boot-hoist-1
Motability Scheme Price: 40kg 2 Way Folding - £320.00 / 40kg 4 Way Folding £295.00 / 80kg 4 Way Fixed £275.00 / 80kg 4 Way Folding £415.00

If you’re looking for a hoist for your wheelchair or mini scooter, the Smart Lifter LM range would be perfect for you.

With a max lifting weight of either 40kg or 80kg, this lifter is perfect for smaller, lighter mobility vehicles and can help you get out and about quickly and easily.

With a fully automated lifting function, operated through the touch of a button, this lifter will eliminate the need to pick up your mobility devices to put it in the car.