Marbella Powerchair

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Roma Marbella Powerchair

The Roma Marbella offers an affordable powerchair with outdoor capabilities. Fully crash tested, the Marbella is designed for use both inside and outside. With two batteries driving the wheelchair, it has a range of up to 25 miles on a full charge, and can travel at up to 4mph.

The Marbella is capable of being used on excursions outside over smooth terrain, for example on a trip to the local shops. Rear-wheel drive is supplemented by rear suspension, which combined with the cushioned seat means the wheelchair user has a comfortable ride.


Key Features

  • Can be used outside
  • Long range
  • Affordable
  • Transportable

Roma Marbella Powerchair is available to purchase VAT free, or why not use your disability allowance to lease it on the Motability Scooter and Powered Wheelchair scheme?