Pride Quantum Lightning Powerchair


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Pride Quantum Lightning Powerchair

The Pride Quantum Lightning is the rear-wheel drive model in the Quantum range of configurable powerchairs. Designed to be usable both indoors and outdoors, the Quantum Lightning has a range of seating options, allowing it to be set up to match the user's needs.

The key difference between the Lightning and the other powerchairs in the Quantum range is that it comes with rear-wheel drive. This allows those who prefer the familiarity of rear-wheel drive to enjoy the functionality of a Quantum powerchair. While rear-wheel drive does reduce the Lightning's manoeuvrability indoors, it is a compact powerchair, allowing it to fit through narrower spaces. ATX suspension cushions the ride when the Lightning is used outdoors, and it has large capacity 70 Ah batteries, providing all the power that is needed.

The Lightning has fully configurable seating, and a range of systems and seat sizes are available, allowing the seat to be set up to provide the necessary level of comfort and support for the wheelchair user. The Synergy and Tru-Comfort seating systems can all be fitted, and seat widths and depths from 14 inches to 22 inches are possible, catering for most sizes. A number of accessories including headrests, elevating leg rests, lateral supports, and powered lift, tilt and recline can be added as necessary.


Key Features

  • Rear wheel drive
  • Indoor and outdoor capable
  • Seating options
  • Transit approved

Pride Quantum Lightning Powerchair is available to purchase VAT free, or why not use your disability allowance to lease it on the Motability Scooter and Powered Wheelchair scheme?