Person Lift (Handilift)

by BAS
SKU: person-lift-handilift
Motability Price: £395.00

This Person Lift (Handilift) is an electromechanical lifting arm that has the function to facilitate the transfer of the passenger from their wheelchair to the original vehicle seat. It is usually installed by the front passenger door. A sturdy sling made of washable fabric is placed between the passenger and the wheelchair, this is hooked to the hoist to allow a quick and easy transfer of the person.

The lift has a weight of 10.9 Kg and a lifting capacity of 110 Kg with the fixed vehicle bracket and 80kg with the hinged door bracket. It is equipped with a comfortable remote control for the electric gear motor with anti-crushing safety system. After the transfer operation, it can be removed from the support bracket installed in the vehicle and it can be stored in the appropriate bag and placed in the boot.

This person lift can be installed on a specific trolley, usable for the transfer to and from wheelchairs, beds, toilets, at home or in a hotel.

Please call regarding vehicle compatibility.