Micro Winch 250kg

SKU: micro-winch-For-a-Private-Vehicle

Micro Winch 250kg

The Micro Winch is an effective and functional device, developed to assist with the loading (and unloading) of a wheelchair passenger into an adapted vehicle. It provides the necessary pulling power, making the process substantially less strenuous for the carer whilst also maintaining passenger comfort.

Aptly named MICRO since it’s the smallest yet mightiest winch available on the market today. Meticulously engineered and cleverly designed with a small-scale footprint, capable of fitting in any vehicle with limited interior space.

Powered by a high-performance electric motor and comes complete with an integral anti-roll back mechanism. It boasts an impressive safe working load capacity of 250kg and is enhanced with a range of safety features and benefits.

Safety Features:

-Anti-roll back ratchet mechanism.
-Over-load and construction safety sensor with emergency stop protection.
-Gentle stop/start operation.
-Small and compact body with moulded cover encompassing all moving parts to prevent damage or injury.

-Quick and simple installation with trouble-free wiring to base vehicle. Only a 12 volt supply needed. Furnished with pre-wired, built-in loom.
-Silent operation.
-Supplied with 2 ergonomic, easy-to-use wireless remote controls. One so small you can attach it to your car keys or carry in your pocket.
-Safe and simple wheelchair attachments supplied as standard, with either tongue and buckle or karabiner option.
-Robust and dependable, cycle tested for long-life durability.