Lodgesons Wireless Secondary Controls

SKU: 32405338816609
Motability Price Starting From: £299.00

Designed for drivers with limited upper body movement, particularly those who only have use of one hand. These units allow secondary functions such as indicators, headlights, horn and windscreen wipers to be operated by a wireless keypad control incorporated into a steering aid mounted on the steering wheel.


Wireless keypads are available in either steering ball or lollipop grip steering aids.

The steering ball grip allows the driver to grasp the steering aid and operate the buttons with either the thumb or forefinger.

The lollipop grip allows the driver to grip the steering aid whilst using their thumb to operate the keypad.

R207 Unit - 7 Functions:

  • Indicators

  • Lights dip/main & flash

  • Horn (check for availability)

  • Hazards (check for availability)

  • Illumination function for night time use

R210 Unit - 10 Functions:

  • R207 functions +

  • Front Wipers - intermittent, low & high

  • Front Washers

R213 Unit - 13 Functions:

  • R210 functions +

  • Rear wash & wipe