Lithilite Pro Lightweight Mobility Scooter

SKU: lithilite-lithium-lightweight-mobility-scooter-Yes-I-Qualify-19AH-Lithium-Blue

The Lithilite Mobility Scooter combines the convenient portability of a traditional travel scooter with advanced lithium-ion technology to present a model that's as useful for adventurous travellers as it is for day-to-day errand runners.

The Lithilite's lithium-ion battery delivers optimised performance with an impressively quick charging time. Lithium-ion batteries are more durable - so they're better equipped for everyday use - and smaller and lighter too.

At just 15kg (about the same as a packed suitcase), the heaviest part of the Lithilite Mobility Scooter is easy enough to lift into your car boot. The Lithilite dismantles into 5 parts in no time, with a design that's ideal for out-the-way storage.

You'll also benefit from front and rear suspension, a feature rarely found on compact travel scooters. The Lithilite protects you from bumpy and uneven terrain, making longer journeys a lot more comfortable. A height-adjustable swivel seat and adjustable armrests combine with the suspension system to make sure you're always travelling in comfort.