Invacare Esprit Action4 NG Powerchair


Invacare Esprit Action4 NG Powerchair

Easy to transport, lightweight powerchair.

Invacare Esprit Action4 NG is a compact and lightweight power wheelchair for those that like to get about easily.

It's tool free removable wheels and compact battery pack make it ideal for transporting (heaviest item weighing only 15 Kg).

It has lightweight wheels with an option for self propel and a reduced overall width (seat plus 170 mm) making it narrow enough to manoeuvre around the tightest of spaces.

Key Features

  • Uniquely disassembles for transport
  • Heaviest part just 15 kg
  • Extremely narrow frame
  • Can convert into manual wheelchair

Invacare Esprit Action4 NG Powerchair is available to purchase VAT free, or why not use your disability allowance to lease it on the Motability Scooter and Powered Wheelchair scheme?