Foldalite Folding Powered Wheelchair


Foldalite Folding Powered Wheelchair - Blue is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Intelligent Setup

Capable of folding into a compact package ideal for transportation and easy to store. No complex instructions to follow and no tools required.

Reliable Power

Dedicated brushless motors attached to each rear wheel for long-term power and performance, with a li-ion phosphate battery for reliable efficiency.

Comfortable Setup

Fully adjustable backrest, footrest and leg guards to suit the user’s preferences. The easy to use control panel can be fitted to either armrest.

Foldable Design

The intelligent, highly functional design of the Foldalite helps it to truly stand out among its competitors. In just under a minute, the Foldalite can quickly and effortlessly be folded into a compact package for easy transportation and discreet storage. In its folded state the Foldalite leaves no protruding parts, reducing the risk of damage.

At just 25kg, the Foldalite can be easily lifted and carried into the boot of a car or onto a luggage rack, while the steady flip-up stand keeps it secure in storage.

Rear-Wheel Brushless Motors

The Foldalite offers excellent control and stability both indoors and outdoors as a rear-wheel drive powerchair. Brushless motors are attached to each rear wheel, lending the Foldalite a maximum speed of 4mph. Brushless motors provide long-term performance and efficiency, and with fewer moving parts they require less maintenance and are less prone to breakdown.

The Foldalite also incorporates a safer, lighter and longer lasting lithium-ion phosphate battery, providing an impressive maximum range of 10 miles on a full charge.

User-Friendly Control Panel

The Foldalite’s control panel is remarkably user-friendly, with just 4 buttons to control speed and power and a joystick to control direction. The user can keep track of speed and battery power at a glance and can opt to fit the control panel to either armrest depending on their preference.

The Foldalite is very easy to control. The anti-tip wheels offer plenty of reassurance over uneven terrain and the two solid front castor wheels offer extra stability without compromising manoeuvrability.