Dtran Basic Liteweight Programmable Swivel Seat

SKU: dtran-basic-light-weight-programmable-passenger-transfer-solution
 Motability Scheme Price: £2800.00

The D-TRAN is a device designed to facilitate the transfer from the wheelchair to the seat and vice versa on vehicles of such height (SUVs, minivans, vans, etc ...) for which it is necessary to overcome a significant difference in height compared to the road surface.

The D-TRAN device, on which a seat (original or other) is applied, is positioned inside the motor vehicle on the passenger side, or at the rear if equipped with a sliding door.

Electrically controlled through a flush push-button panel, it rotates 90 °, exits the passenger compartment, goes down to the same level as the wheelchair, allowing the occupant to move or be transferred comfortably and safely.

The wireless push-button panel is available on request.

The Basic version is free of footrests and ABS fairings which, if necessary, they can be requested as optional. The BASIC version has a fixed back.

Why choose it:

Possibility to program the movements of the revolving base Once the seat is outside the vehicle, it can be lowered downwards by 400cm to facilitate the customer's ascent and descent. Once positioned inside the vehicle, it can be moved back and forth according to the customer's needs. Backrest reclining at least 35 °