Drive Royale 3 Mobility Scooter


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Drive Royale 3 Mobility Scooter

The modern stylish looks of the Drive Royale 3 Mobility Scooter set it apart from the traditional mobility scooters on the market today. The Royale is packed full of features previously not seen on a mobility scooter.The sleek sporty look of the Drive Royale 3 Mobility Scooter hides a mobility scooter packed full of amazing features. For your comfort we have all round independent suspension and a Captains seat with adjustment to recline the backrest, armrest width and with sliding forward and backwards motion. The result is a smooth ride wherever your journey takes you.The modern robust styling is backed by two 70 ah batteries and a powerful 1300 watt motor. On a full charge, the Royale 3 Mobility Scooter has a huge maximum range of up to 32 miles. The sporty, large 16” wheels with pneumatic tyres to make light work of the roughest terrain. Couple this with a maximum rider weight of 32 stone the Royale 4 mobility scooter is a powerhouse. Safety is as much a part of this scooter as its style and sporty look, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 8mph the Royale 3 Mobility Scooter handles stopping using the standard motor brake as well as an additional dual disc hand brake.The Drive Medical Royale 3 Mobility Scooter has the latest technology at your fingertips with a luminous LCD control panel which gives you all the information you need, in an elegant and easy to read display. The scooter can be used as a powerful 8mph scooter or switched to low speed 6mph pavement mode at the touch of a button. To enable easy manoeuvring the drive can be switched on the scooter from forward to reverse at the simple touch of a button.The Drive Medical Royale Mobility Scooter is an example of the latest technology and styling being used to create a safe, robust and powerful modern machine for today's mobility scooter user who demands more from their machine.


  • Top speed of 8mph*
  • Maximum range of 32 miles on full battery charge*
  • Stylish modern design
  • Comfortable rotating seat with sliding and reclining facility
  • Height adjustable headrest to suit user requirements
  • Armrests are angle and width adjustable and flip up for easy side transfers
  • Automatic speed reduction when steering for added safety
  • All round suspension ensures a smooth ride and optimal handling
  • Tiller adjustment by lever to suit user requirements and assist easy transportation
  • Digital dash display with user friendly controls
  • High level indicators and lighting to improve outdoor visibility at dusk or when dark
  • Twin rear view mirrors for extra visibility
  • Large 40cm (16") alloy wheels with black pneumatic tyres for a smoother ride
  • T-Bar style handlebars
  • Anti-roll back system safety device prevents scooter from rolling backwards on hills
  • Freewheel facility allows movement of scooter without switching the motor on
  • Rear anti-tip wheels as standard
  • Lap belt included for added safety
  • Optional rear pannier box
  • Recommended MK batteries: 2 x 12V 79Ah**
  • Weight capacity 185kg (29st)


  • Length: 158.00cm / 62.20"
  • Width: 73.00cm / 28.74"
  • Height: 135.00cm / 53.15"
  • Weight: 149.00kg / 328.49lbs
  • Maximum Capacity: 185.00kg / 29.13st
  • Maximum Range: 32.00miles / 51.50km
  • Maximum Speed: 8.00mph / 12.87kph
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 10°
  • Battery: 2 X 70amp
  • Tyres: 16" wheels
  • Ground Clearance: 15.00cm / 5.91"

Comes in colours black, red and white

The Drive Royale 3 is available to purchase vat fre. Free home demo and cheaper than Careco, guaranteed.