Easy Move Auto-Folding Portable Scooter


Easy Move Auto-Folding Portable Scooter is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Drive Easy Move Auto-Folding Portable Scooter is a new and fantastic innovative and easy to use mobility scooter. Just one push of a button and this scooter will fold automatically and sit neatly in its carry case*. The Drive Easy Move Auto-Folding Portable Scooter weighs 19kg in total making it one of the lightest scooters available on the market.

This compact scooter's maximum user weight is 18st, which is very impressive for its size. It is powered by a lithium battery that can travel up to 6.5 miles after just one charge. This scooter is a perfect travel companion, due to its size and weight!

The Easy Move Auto-Folding Scooter comes with a key fob which controls the folding function of the scooter, so folding this scooter is as easy as pressing a button.

The Easy Move Auto-Folding Scooter is extremely manoeuvrable and has a tight turning circle, and also has adjustable handlebars for your personal comfort.


    • 6 ½ mile range on full charge (approx.)
    • 180w motor
    • 24v 8.7AH lithium ion battery
    • Front LED headlamp
    • Remote control for power folding
    • Button backup on rear of scooter
    • LED battery gauge
    • Suitable for air travel
    • Suitable for cruise ships

Compatible with most, if not all car boots

  • Anti-tip wheels

Dimensions/Useful Information:

    • Height – 85cm
    • Width – 42cm Depth – 86cm
    • Seat height – 54cm
    • Seat width 40cm (16”) Seat depth 31cm
    • Backrest height 24cm
    • Folded size -43H*42W*72D
    • Max user weight 115kg (18st)
    • Max speed 4mph
    • Product weight 20kg (including battery)

Product weight 18.5kg (excluding battery)

Demonstration Video:

*Carry Case is available separately

The Drive Easy Folding Scooter is available to purchase vat free. Free home demo and cheaper than Careco, guaranteed.