D932 Semi-Automatic Syncro Drive Clutch System

SKU: d932-semi-automatic-syncro-drive-clutch-system

The 'Syncrodrive' semi-automatic clutch completely removes the requirement for left leg operation in a manual vehicle. An infrared sensor on the gear knob detects the hand when changing gear and performs complete operation of the clutch pedal for the driver. Extremely suitable where an automatic version of the vehicle is not available. The computer controlled system reads the vehicles RPM, speed, braking and acceleration and is virtually impossible to stall. Once fitted, the ECU can be set up by the fitter to adjust for individual driving techniques, all the way through to high performance race cars. Key Features Hand only gear change operation No modification to original vehicle parts Vehicle can be driven conventionally.

Main Features:

  • Main Features
  •  Semi-Automatic Syncrodrive Clutch System: Can be adjusted for individual     driving techniques, may also be used for high performance race cars. Hand     only gear change operation
  •  No modification to original vehicle parts
  •  Vehicle can be driven conventionally