Brig-ayd Push Pull Hand Controls

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Brig-ayd Push Pull Hand Controls are the market leader in hand controls for disabled drivers within the UK. The controls are specifically manufactured for every different make and model of vehicle.

The unique design of the controls allows easy and unobtrusive fitting to all modern vehicles and offers the user unsurpassed comfort and safety. There is also options for integral toggle or rotary indicator switch, dip switch and horn buttons.

Push Pull Hand Controls – Simplify itself

  • To accelerate, pull the handle towards you
  • To decelerate, release the handle
  • To brake, push the handle away from you

Optional Extras:

  • Indicator Switch which is integrated into the hand control handle.

Please be aware that due to some electrical systems within vehicles being mutliplex/CANBUS wired that more installation time may be required therefore resulting in a higher price. If you would like to confirm your vehicle wiring please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

the System allows users to control the vehicle by using the hand lever mounted below the steering wheel; the unique design and usage of high quality components will maximise user’s driving experience and safety.
Users push down the handle to brake.
Pull the handle up to operate the accelerator.

Motability Scheme Price

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