Smart Transfer Person Lift

SKU: autochair-milford-person-lift-For-a-Private-Vehicle
Motability Scheme Price: £695.00

The Smart Transfer Person Lift is one the UK's leading transfer solutions, allowing simple and safe transfers from the wheelchair into almost any vehicle. It has been specially designed for lifting people from their wheelchair into a vehicle and out again, it fits most 4 door cars, all 2 door cars, people carriers and 4x4s and can lift up to 23.5 stone if required. The Milford only weights 8kg and can easily be removed out of the vehicle if required. The Milford is equipped with emergency switches and can be operated manually.


  • The lift can be operated by a helper or by the disabled person using a small control box attached to a fly lead.
  • There are only two switches, one for on/off and one for up/down.
  • The control box can be positioned on the lift using velcro strips.
  • Once the person has been lifted, horizontal movements are made manually, a process made easy by the three pivot points of the lift.

The Milford Person Hoist is an electric person hoist which comes complete with sling and 4 compartment padded bag with carry straps.


  • Sling sizes: Extra small - Extra large (amputee slings are also available).
  • Lightweight Construction
  • Removable Lifting arm
  • Multiple certificates for safety and reliability

Whether you want to get behind the wheel or travel as a passenger, The Milford will transfer you from your wheelchair and into your car seat by gently lifting you up using a comfortable sling and lowering you into position.