Ergo Lite 2 Transit Wheelchair-Karma-adaptationstation

Travelite Aluminium Transport Chair


Travelite Aluminium Transport Chair

This Aluminium Transport Chair is completely portable and comes equipped with a strong carry case to aid transporting the chair.

The transport chair weighs and incredible 9.3kg making it extremely lightweight.

Key Features

  • Aluminium frame in metallic gun metal grey.
  • Half folding back mechanism.
  • 18" square nylon seat canvas with lift up straps.
  • Parking brakes.
  • Quadruple steel cross brace.
  • Padded, flip up desk arms.
  • Height adjustable footrests.
  • 8" solid tyres.

The incredible Travelite Aluminium Chair Transit Wheelchair can be folded down to a third of the size of a typical folded wheelchair yet incredibly can still carry a user up to 18 stone in weight. This amazing features makes going out in the country such as to the sea side or shopping centres almost effortless.