Left Foot Throttle these foot controls can be fitted to many vehicles to assist the elderly and disabled with operating the accelerator. There a few different options to choose from however in many options it involves adding an addition pedal to the left side of the brake pedal which then allows easy and safe operation of the accelerator using the right foot.

Floor mounted left foot throttle can be fitted to all makes and models of automatic vehicles. The system allows a driver to operate the accelerator pedal of an automatic vehicle with their left foot while preventing the accidental operation of the accelerator with the other foot. The system incorporates a quick release mechanism to allow the left foot throttle and right foot guard to be removed.


This system is generally used when an individual has difficulty using their left leg and foot as it enables the driver to use their right foot to control the accelerator. If the driver has a nominated driver or carer who drives using the original pedal this left and right foot throttle is perfect as you can select the original pedal if required, the right pedal can be flipped down and used whilst the left is flipped up and enactive.

The left foot accelerator consists of two identical pedals connected electrically. It will have been set up in such a way as to ensure it is only possible to have one of the pedals active at any time. To activate the required pedal simply move the toggle switch to the relevant position. The other pedal will become inactive and can be used as a footrest if required.