Bury CP1000 Cab Phone Kit installed into a Renault Dropside Lorry

bury cp1000 cab phone Our engineer successfully installed a Bury CP1000 Cab Phone into a Renault Dropside Lorry enabling the driver of the vehicle to safely make and receive calls whilst driving.




Product Information

  • Independent communication system with own SIM card, installed permanently in the vehicle
  • Comfortable and easy to use – via the large illuminated keys and the high resolution display
  • DialogPlus voice control – extremely accurate, rapid reaction word recognition without voice training and with visual and acoustic user support
  • Magic word – activation of the voice control with a single voice command
  • FDN function – cost-saving limitation of phone numbers
  • Text-to-speech – reads out text messages and phone book entries aloud
  • Crystal-clear voice reproduction – via vehicle’s built-in sound system
  • Automatic radio mute function – when calling
  • Make several phone calls at the same time – hold calls and switch between them, conference calls with up to 7 participants
  • Display of telephone book, call lists, received calls and names of providers
  • Emergency calls – via an SOS key