DSC_1030Brig-ayd Push Pull Hand Controls and a Jeff Gosling Quick Release Steering Ball fitted into a Ford B-Max

Our engineer successfully installed Push Pull hand controls into a Ford B-max enabling the customer to operate the accelerator and brake from a push and pull lever situated just below the steering wheel. They also fitted a Quick release steering ball onto the steering wheel enable the customer to steer safely with the use of one hand, enabling on hand to steer and one hand to control the hand controls.

Product Information

These Brig-ayd Push Pull Accelerator and Brake are made specific to every individual make and model of vehicle, providing the best fit to your vehicle.

The unique design of these push pull hand controls allows easy and unobtrusive fitting to all modern vehicles and offers the user unsurpassed comfort and safety.

 Simplify itselfDSC_1027

  • To brake, push the handle away from you
  • To accelerator, pull the handle towards you.

Optional Extras

  • Indicator Switch which is integrated into the hand control handle.

Jeff Gosling Quick Release Steering Ball

The Jeff Gosling Quick Release Mushroom Grip steering aid is different from other steering balls due to its shape, its shaped like a mushroom, which can be an alternative solution to the other steering grips we have. The quick release steering grip is different from the standard because it has a button which you can press enabling easy and quick removal of the aid if required, this is generally done if you have a career or nominated driver who also uses the vehicle.