Autochair 80kg 4 Way Boot Hoist into a Audi Q3

autochair 80kg 4 way boot hoist Our engineer successfully installed an Autochair 80kg 4 Way Boot Hoist into a Audi Q3 allowing the customer to hoist a Foldawheel Power chair into the boot of the vehicle safely and securely.

Product Information

The Autochair 80kg boot hoist is designed to lift manual wheelchairs, including those with power packs and lightweight scooters. It can be fitted to most hatchbacks, estates, MPVs and 4x4s.

80kg Boot Hoist:

  • Lifts mobility vehicles up to 80kgs
  • Tailor made fitting kits to suit most vehicles
  • Simple lifting brackets to suit most scooters and wheelchairs

The 80kg boot hoist is extremely versatile and lifts wheelchairs and scooters complete, dependent on the vehicle.

Suitable for a variety of estate cars, MPVs, 4 x 4s and certain hatchbacks, the 80kg boot hoist is the ideal choice for lifting lightweight scooters and wheelchairs. All of our hoists are very simple to use and effortlessly load and unload scooters and standard wheelchairs in seconds.

All of our hoists are powered directly from your vehicles battery and the hand controls are very easy to use.

The 80kg boot hoist is available in a 4 way powered option.  The 4 way boot hoist option will electrically take your scooter or wheelchair in and out of the vehicle boot as well as up and down.